Wednesday , 28 September 2016
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National Executive Survey: Smooth Sailing Ahead for Commercial Realty

WASHINGTON — Commercial real estate executives do not anticipate a downturn in the market in the next year, according to the Real Estate Roundtable’s latest quarterly “Sentiment Index” survey.

When asked to forecast conditions one year from now, 85 percent responded that markets will be “somewhat better” or “about the same.”

“Our Q2 2015 Sentiment Index shows that industry leaders acknowledge a significant recovery in markets throughout the country. How much of an upside is left in the current cycle is a reasonable question in an environment of very strong valuations, low interest rates and steady demand.  When markets eventually stabilize from this growth curve, we hope national policies will be in place that will spur greater job creation and continue to foster an appropriate flow of investment into the real estate capital markets,” said Roundtable President Jeffrey DeBoer.

The Q2 2015 Overall Index registered at 62 on a scale of 1-100. Comparing today’s market to one year ago, 90 percent of respondents reported that conditions are either “somewhat better” or “about the same.”

Comparing real estate asset values today versus one year ago, 82 percent of survey participants reported prices are “somewhat higher” – but when asked to predict values one year from now, 41 percent said they will be “somewhat higher” while 44 percent responded “about the same.”

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