Saturday , 4 July 2020
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Americans Still Believe Buying a Home is a Good Investment

Despite problems plaguing the U.S. housing market such as tumbling values, record foreclosures, and tight credit for buyers, 74% of Americans believe home buying is a good investment. And 81% said it’s still part of the American dream according to a new survey from Yahoo! Real Estate.  The survey, which polled 1,500 current and aspiring homeowners, plus renters, found that while few (13%) currently live in their dream home a majority (55%) feel it’s attainable.

American optimism about housing as a good investment comes despite years of market turmoil that have had a wide impact on society. One in three Americans knows someone who has experienced a foreclosure, according to the Yahoo! Real Estate study.

Most Wanted Home Features: Energy Efficiency

While having a large room with a view is still desirable, the dream home is no longer a supersized McMansion. Our survey found that a “green,” energy-efficient home built with “sustainable” materials tops the ‘most wanted’ list. No longer in desire for home buyers: gated communities, urban locations, and castle style homes. Those in demand include:

  • Green/energy efficient 50%
  • Building a custom home 38%
  • Water views 38%
  • Mountain views 32%
  • Suburban home 31%
  • Near the beach 27%
  • Cottage in the woods 20%

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  1. Thanks for posting this interesting information. In Charleston SC I am fiding more and more buyers focusing on energy efficient homes and building materials.

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