Thursday , 2 April 2020
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Economic Indicators: Pizza and Population

HOUSTON – More than 1,200 people a day relocate to Texas from other states, drawn by consistent job growth for the last four years.

CBRE Research reports the population growth has an unforeseen side effect – an influx of pizza outlets. An excerpt from CBRE Marketflash:

“Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Houston and San Antonio are among the fastest-growing metros in the nation; and it’s in these Texas metros where we see new Lone Star residents from other populous states such as ex-Californians, former-Floridians and in-bound Illinoisans, the latter specifically from metro Chicago. And not just any pie will do for these Windy City transplants. 

“Take for example Chicago-based Gino’s East, the iconic deep-dish pizza joint founded in 1966 in the heart of Chicago’s downtown Loop. The legendary pie purveyor is following residential rooftops with existing franchise growth in just one other state: Texas.  Former Chi-Towners can now choose from five Texas locations where they can grab a slice, kick up their newly-booted heels and taste a bit of home.
“And the lengths some people will go to get the right pizza is extensive. As corporate relocations such as Toyota to Plano, and Occidental Petroleum to Houston bring more non-native Texans to the Lone Star State, other U.S. pizza restaurateurs have found a growing opportunity to satisfy a diversifying population. 
“Mod Pizza, the fast casual Chipotle-style restaurant hailing from the West Coast recently announced plans to open 30 new locations in Houston as part of a $40 million national expansion effort. For former East Coasters, Grimaldi’s, founded in Italian Harlem, is now offering its New York-style pizza in DFW and will be serving up their famous brick-oven pizzas at a new Houston location opening this year in CityCentre.  
“Nonetheless, Texans are prepared to battle it out against the deep-dish and New York-style pizzas rolling into Texas. Dallas-based Pie Five announced plans to expand, allowing Texans, recent and native, to have their fill of pizza from wherever they may call home.”

Source: CBRE Research

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