Saturday , 23 June 2018
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For Our Readers – A Pair of New Year’s Resolutions (Commentary)

To Our Readers: New Year’s Resolutions: It’s not too late to add a pair of resolutions as we proceed into 2016. From: Ralph Bivins, Editor, Realty News Report.

  1. LUXURY – Realty News Report will never call an apartment complex “luxury.” It’s an over-used term – big-time. We started using it in the early 1990s after a long apartment construction drought. The new projects had high-ceilings, great amenities and first class finishes, so developers like Martin Fein called them “luxury” to separate it from 1970s complexes. That was OK in 1992. But nobody is building any Class B apartments, so “Adios, Luxury.” The word “luxury” is forever banned from our multifamily stories.
  2. Mc MANSION – We will never call homes “Mc Mansions.” This is a tired cliché and an older one at that. A lot of people can’t afford a custom home designed by a world-class architect. So Realty News Report will continue to avoid the term “Mc Mansion” and show respect to all homeowners and builders. Calling a home a “Mc Mansion” — well, that’s just too snooty for us.

So, we’re set for 2016. We will have some fun with occasional light-hearted commentaries like this, in addition to the strong news coverage you are used to finding here.

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Jan. 25, 2016

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