New Realty Firm Focuses on Beach Property

HOOVER, Ala. –  (Realty News Report) – A new niche real estate company focused on beach properties has been launched for buying and selling beach homes and lots.

The company’s website, (dash between Beach and Homes), simplifies the search process for beachfront, beach view, and beach access homes and lots. features more than 68,000 coastal properties across 14 states, from Texas around to New Hampshire. Florida dominates the website’s current listings, with nearly 42,000 homes or lots across 185 beach communities.

The beach-focused venture is an expansion of an established Alabama-based firm called Lake Homes Realty.

“Our company has been a leader in niche real estate for more than 10 years and specializes in helping connect buyers and sellers with dream homes on or near the water,” said Glenn S. Phillips, CEO and chief economic analyst of Beach Homes Realty. “Lake Homes Realty has grown into the largest lake-focused real estate brokerage in the country,” said Phillips. “Beach Homes Realty was the natural progression in connecting buyers and sellers in specific niche markets. is an advanced tool to simplify these searches,” said Phillips. “From coastal lots in quiet beach communities to spectacular multi-million-dollar estates in Miami, has something for anyone who has dreamed of living the beach life.”

Here are the 14 states featured on ranked from highest to lowest in the number of recent listings for beach homes and lots (as of 5/16/23):

  • Florida – 41,603 listings along 185 beach communities.
  • Texas– 7,448 listings along 41 beach communities.
  • South Carolina– 4,553 listings along 22 beach communities.
  • North Carolina– 3,509 listings along 96 beach communities.
  • Mississippi– 2,267 listings along 10 beach communities.
  • Maryland– 1,696 listings along 46 beach communities.
  • Massachusetts– 1,658 listings along 63 beach communities.
  • Alabama – 1,647  listings along 13 beach communities.
  • Delaware– 1,455 listings from 12 beach communities.
  • Virginia– 987 listings from 14 beach communities.
  • Connecticut – 542 listings from 25 beach communities.
  • Louisiana– 428 listings from 10 beach communities
  • Georgia– 402 listings along 18 beach communities.
  • New Hampshire– 72 listings along 6 beach communities.

“Beach Homes Realty accesses MLS data from these 14 states each day, so those searching beach homes and lots will have the latest offerings,” said Phillips. “Instead of having to search separate websites or navigate through non-coastal properties, we merged our targeting technology expertise and niche real estate specialization to streamline the process. This beach niche emphasis benefits serious shoppers, as well as those simply dreaming of owning a vacation home,” said Phillips.

Top 5 Beach Communities for Listings on

  1. Hollywood, FL– 1,503 listings with an average price of $1,045,460
  2. Fort Lauderdale, FL– 1,325 listings with an average price of $2,228,455
  3. Petersburg, FL– 1,178 listings with an average price of $1,017,607
  4. Naples, FL– 1,138 listings with an average price of $4,462,421
  5. Sarasota, FL– 1,125 listings with an average price of $2,098,983

Top 5 Most Expensive Beach Home Averages by Community on

  1. Miami – Palm Island, FL– $28.96 million (8 listings)
  2. Nantucket, MA– $17.79 million (6 listings)
  3. Miami – Hibiscus Island, FL– $14.47 million (11 listings)
  4. Tierra Verda, FL– $14 million (1 listing)
  5. Chilmark, MA– $12.99 million (1 listing)

“As of now, the Miami area is clearly the most expensive area for beach homes and lots among our 14 states,” said Phillips. “For those wanting the ultimate beach home experience, Miami’s Star Island offers the most expensive property – a 9,747 SF home with six bedrooms and nine baths for $37.5 million and a .92-acre lot next door for an additional $37 million,” said Phillips. “Beach Homes Realty plans to expand into additional states in the future, and we look forward to seeing what other wonderful beach property listings await.”

An affiliated firm focuses on property near lakes at  to with home and lot listings on 6,600 lakes across 34 states.

June 13, 2023 Realty News Report Copyright 2023

Photo by Ralph Bivins, Realty News Report, Copyright 2023


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