Recycling Real Estate Signage – Lee’s Unusual Plan

HOUSTON – (Realty News Report)– Pigs and goats are big fans of Lee & Associates – Houston, a commercial real estate firm.

That’s because the firm has been donating its used for-sale signs to the Future Farmers of America organization at Cy-Fair Independent School District in suburban Houston.

Mike Spears of Lee & Associates – Houston and Hailey Poulson

The red-and-white plywood signs are useful for reinforcing livestock pens. The signage came in handy during the extreme Big Freeze in February, when Texas temperatures hit record lows.

The Lee & Associates signage was used to break the winter winds and keep livestock warmer. In fact, the FFA youths said the signs saved the lives of their prized pigs and beloved goats.

“The students were able to secure the signs just in time before the storm hit and used them to help protect animals at the Ag Barn from the harsh weather. This resulted in helping numerous animals through the conditions, saving their lives a week prior to their auction,” Lee & Associates said. “Ultimately, the FFA students were able to show their work and secure the scholarships they have been working toward this school year.”

Lee & Associates and its sign supplier, Tasman Sign & Graphic, plan to continue the program, says Mike Spears, Managing Principal of Lee & Associates – Houston.

In the Houston area, Lee & Associates typically has about 500 large signs in the field to promote its various listings – office buildings, land, warehouses and other commercial property.

Eventually, the signs get beat-up in the field and warp after long exposure to Texas weather and the often-broiling sun.

So sharing old signs with the FFA students seems like an excellent alternative to just trashing them..

“This,” Spears said, “is a great way to recycle.”

April 30, 2021 Realty News Report Copyright 2021

Photo: Cypress Ranch High School FFA Livestock

Chris Lewis of Lee & Associates – Houston

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