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Rent vs Buy: Do the Numbers Still Add Up for Homebuyers?

HOUSTON – (By Dale King, Realty News Report) — The answer to the ancient question, “Is it better to rent or buy a home?” isn’t easy to come by. So much depends on one’s own personal finances, career trajectory and a complicated formula that takes into account variables like total monthly costs, local median rent and sales prices, taxes and ... Read More »

Fundamental Change: 3 Houston Realty Leaders Discuss iBuyers, the Upscale Market and Next Year’s Outlook

HOUSTON – (Realty News Report) – Where is Houston’s housing market headed in 2020? Job growth is projected to be weaker. While mortgage rates are expected to stay below 4 percent, the National Association of Realtors continues to call for increased homebuilding to meet housing demand and tight inventory. The Houston market continues to be redefined as the lingering impact ... Read More »

2019: The Best Year Ever For Houston Realtors

HOUSTON – (Realty News Report) – Houston’s hot housing market continued its fiery pace in November as he city’s housing surged toward a record year. November’s 6,395 single-family home sales, were up 3.6 percent from last November, the Houston Association of Realtors reported. It was the strongest November ever for home sales in Houston. With mortgage rates low and Houston ... Read More »

Transferred to Houston: What’s Next for Relocation Realty in the Energy Capital of the World: The Q&A with Amy Bernstein

For years, Houston was one of America’s fastest-growing cities; it was referred to as a 21st century boomtown. The price of oil kept heading skyward. Cranes crowded the sky, and new suburbs continue to pop up circling the city’s center.  Then the bottom fell out.  Energy prices crashed.  Companies began laying off workers.  Growth stalled.  And companies transferring employees to ... Read More »

2014: Record High Home Sales in Houston

The Houston Association of Realtors reported 75,319 single-family homes were sold last year, the highest annual sales total on record and a 2.8 percent increase over sales in 2013. “It was one for the record books,” Houston real agent Amy Bernstein of Bernstein Realty. “Everyone is excited about it.” Houston’s robust job growth, with about 125,000 new jobs created over ... Read More »

DATELINE HOUSTON: Oil Prices and Real Estate

HOUSTON – Texas real estate will be unscathed by the significant decline in oil prices this fall, although the topic is getting a lot of buzz in Houston, known as the “Energy Capital of the World.” Oil prices are a sensitive topic here. Houston was the place where the battle cry of the business community once was “$90 in ‘90” ... Read More »

Strongest October in Houston Real Estate History for Existing Homes Sales

HOUSTON – Houston residential realty had its best October ever as 6,639 single-family homes sold in October, the strongest October on record and a 12 percent over last October, according to the Houston Association of Realtors. The Houston housing inventory remains very tight, as home builders have been late to respond to a surge in demand. With the “shale revolution” ... Read More »

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