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A Few Things Houston Real Estate People Should Be Thankful For

The memory of the worst Thanksgiving Day in history is fading. That was November 27, 2014 when instead of eating turkey, OPEC decided to wage war against the Texas energy industry by declining to cut oil production. Oil prices went into a nosedive, drilling activity was shut down and thousands of employees were laid off. Houston is still in recovery, ... Read More »

Seven Things to be Thankful For in Texas Real Estate

  HOUSTON – West Texas Intermediate crude dipped below $40 a barrel for a few days in 2015, punctuating a brutal assault on the Texas economy. It was long fall from $107 a barrel in the summer of 2014. Thousands of Texans were laid off in 2015. Millions of square feet of office space were dumped onto the sublease market ... Read More »

CBRE: Black Friday Sales Expected to Rise 2.4 Percent

HOUSTON – Black Friday retail sales after Thanksgiving are expected to be up 2.4 percent over last year, CBRE Research reports. And lower cost travel may give consumers a bit more money in their pockets that can be used for Christmas shopping. Sharing (below) CBRE Research’s Marketwatch report on the dollars and cents of Thanksgiving (and Black Friday).  Cyber Monday ... Read More »

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