The 3,000-SF Closet – a Podcast with Nancy Almodovar of Nan and Co.

HOUSTON – (Realty News Report) – Nancy Almodovar is the founder and CEO of Nan and Company Properties, the Houston affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate. Her firm recently made national headlines with the sale of a mansion with a 3,000-SF closet.

Nancy Almodovar was a recent guest on THE RALPH BIVINS PROJECT, a podcast produced by Realty News Report. Here is an excerpt from her appearance.

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Ralph: Welcome to the Ralph Bivins Project in Houston, Texas. Today, we are going to talk about real estate with Nancy Almodovar of Nan and Company Properties, an affiliate of Christie’s. The company has been doing phenomenal things. Nancy recently sold a 17,380 SF mansion in the Carlton Woods section of The Woodlands, with seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a 3,000 SF master closet. It was listed for $6,495,000. Nancy, tell us about this phenomenal listing.

Nancy: Hello, Ralph, first, thank you for having me. I’m super excited to be here; I’ve heard so many great things about you. Finally, I can put a name to a face. The sale of the Woodlands home was a very fun experience, partnering with the sellers, Lamar and Theresa Roemer. It was such an amazing listing. From Day 1, we were taking pictures and had a lot of press round. Whenever I talk about the house, people ask me, “Tell me about the closet, tell me about the closet.” It’s gorgeous. It’s a three-story closet with a champagne bar on the second floor. It holds doesn’t just more than 600 pairs of shoes and Chanel, but and all the amazing, unique items that Theresa has.

The closet has come to be a place where mainly women gather to give back to the community. This is how Theresa started the closet. She spent more than $500,000 to remodel it. Being the philanthropist she is, she said to herself: “OK, now I need to give back.” When it came time to sell the home, she partnered with Nan and Company. She used our international network to get it sold.

Ralph: Can you tell us who bought the mansion?

Nancy: I’m not at liberty to disclose the buyer. It was a foreign national, I can say that.  It was not J-Lo or 50 Cent. You couldn’t imagine how many emails I get asking if it was either of them. I wish it had been. I would have taken a picture with them.

Ralph: This closet also has a circular stairway, which made a great picture for Realty News Report. And it also has a champagne bar.

Nancy: There are so many unique things in the closet. Besides Theresa’s personal items, there are bags and clothes. But what it stands for is really the important thing. It is a place for people to meet and decide on how to give back. It mainly attracts women, but some men do come in.

Ralph: Is it true that Theresa has a phenomenal collection of sunglasses?

Nancy: Yes, that’s true. Theresa has a lot of cool things – cool bags, cool shoes. One of the reasons Theresa partnered with us is because of our experience. I have been doing work in the luxury market for 17 years. Getting into the luxury real estate market is not something that happens overnight.  We have a 10,000 SF penthouse listed for $8 million. We have a home in River Oaks that’s also listed at $8 million. We definitely have the experience to list properties such as the house in The Woodlands.

“Getting into the luxury real estate market is not something that happens overnight.”

Ralph: Can you tell us something about how the condo market has been going this summer?

Nancy: Our listings have attracted some cool showings, a lot of A-list celebrity visitors.

We have two condo projects going on now. One is on Tiki Island (near Galveston.) What’s exciting about this is the fact that it is the first new construction on the island in 14 years. Obviously, there’s not much inventory.  This development of five-story buildings will have marinas, restaurants and a boat barn for boat storage. I can’t wait to provide more information about this. We will be making an announcement in December. We have started a waiting list, with 70 names on it already. These units will be priced from the $800,000s and up. We will be offering some incentives for founding members.

Another project we are working on is located next to the Diamond Beach (condominium tower) in Galveston. In May, Nan and Company Properties opened a new office in the Diamond Beach condo tower there. We should be making an announcement about that in December.  We hired as an agent Anastasia Gaido of the famous Gaido’s Restaurant family in Galveston. She was working as an agent for Christie’s in Hawaii. We met, and I found out she was coming back to the Houston area where her family is located. Everybody knows what Gaido’s is. She is very energetic.

Ralph: Gaido’s is a restaurant on the seawall in Galveston. It’s been there forever and has great seafood. If there’s a restaurant in Galveston that everyone knows about, it’s Gaido’s.

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To Listen to the Entire Podcast CLICK HERE.

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