The Eighty Thousand Dollar Mattress

HOUSTON – (By Dale King, Realty News Report) – If you’re in the market for an elegant, extravagant and, yes, even ultra-expensive spot to lay your head for an indescribably good night’s sleep, you might consider opting for cozy cushioning crafted by a company known globally as the preeminent purveyor of ultra-luxurious mattresses

Mattresses Priced from $30,000 to $80,000

And you won’t have to journey to Scandinavian climes to acquire one of the masterfully made mattresses from Hästens, the Swedish firm that has for a long time been manufacturing varieties of beds and related products that guarantee the finest eight hours of pleasurable, relaxing repose. The firm has been in business for 170 years, officials say, so they know their stuff.

Morning broke March 6 on a new day of luxury slumber and restful wellness for Houstonians when Hästens opened the doors to the first Space City showroom for its high-end, high quality and meticulously crafted mattresses. That’s the day the company began inviting customers into its nearly 3,000 SF boutique in the River Oaks District.

Cotton, Wool, Horsetail Hair and Flax: Ingredients for Luxe Mattress

While the price tags for Hästens mattresses (typically containing digits ranging from $30,000 to $80,000) garnered headlines and often wide-eyed glances from first-time visitors, the company is obviously not new – and not unknown. It is recognized by many connoisseurs of its products — sleep enthusiasts running a gamut from entrepreneurs and athletes to celebrities and heads of state who take special strides — and special pride — to make certain their sleep apparatus provides the health promotion and wellness benefits of a perfect night of rejuvenating rest.

Working in partnership with MadaLuxe Group, a global luxury goods company, Hästens is poised to expand its profile among luxury lifestyle consumers by opening stores across the USA during the next seven years. That growth strategy will bring Hästens’ iconic level of artisan craftsmanship to a more extensive and eclectic audience of indulgence aficionados.

“Hästens Houston is a place where dreams are made, a showroom for a dozen different bed styles and bedding accessories as well as private consultation rooms where clients can customize every detail of their new life-altering sleep experience,” said Bradley Belen, managing director of Hästens for MadaLuxe Group’s home division.

“We are thrilled about our location at the gateway to the prestigious River Oaks District, which draws visitors from near and far for a premier mix of retail and dining offerings that beautifully complement Hästens.”

The River Oaks District mixed-use center, 4444 Westheimer Road, was just acquired in late February by Houston billionaire Tilman Fertitta for a purported $450 million.

At Hästens, Belen has become a crusader for the brand and the value it promises. “We certainly acknowledge that this is a substantial investment, but when you consider that nearly a third of your life is spent in bed, and it’s recommended you replace a typical mattress every seven years, Hästens becomes a much more palatable investment.”

That is in part due to a renowned level of customization, including specialized frame sizes not offered by other brands. “For those who can’t put a price tag on truly restful sleep, the Hästens system is the only choice for the highest level of slumber-lulling beds and bedding,” Belen added.

Hästens’ promise for sleep perfection doesn’t come from some new type of tech-driven mattress of undefined device. Quite the opposite. Six generations of family knowledge are woven into the 170-year-old company’s legendary craftsmanship, obsession to detail and dedication to scrupulously sourced all-natural materials, he noted.

“Thousands of considerations are threaded through every inch of construction from choices of organic materials and fabrics to minute calculations of padding, stitching, tension, balance and support. Hästens painstakingly layers textures and densities of cotton, wool, horsetail hair and flax to produce mattresses that literally redefine the way you sleep.”

“Hästens’ commitment is to provide sleep that awakens the best possible you,” added Belen.

The Houston outlet for Hästens also boasts a number of firsts, including the largest assortment of the company’s products in North America with a full line of offerings spanning headboards and covers, linens, down pillows and quilts, mattress protectors and pajamas.

At the River Oaks District other retail stores  include Hermes, Cartier, Rolex, Dior, Van Cleef & Arpels, Patek Phillip, Brunello Cucinelli, Balmain, Zimmerman, and Harry Winston. Other stores slated to open later this year include Stefano Ricci, Adam Lippes, Hastens and Biologique Recherche.

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