Houston is a Haven for Exterminators

HOUSTON – (By Connor Behrens for Realty News Report) – Well, well, well, looks like Houston’s got the bugs buzzing with excitement! Just in time for National Pest Management Month, Houston has been voted by Pest Gnome as the 2nd best metro areas to start a pest control business.

The company compared over 230 of the biggest U.S. metro areas based on 5 categories. They looked at the number of common pest species, average hourly pay, and access to pest control training programs, among 10 total metrics.

Jacksonville, Fla.  Ranks No. 1;  Followed by No. 2 Houston

According to Pest Gnome, three Texas cities — Houston (No. 2), Dallas, (No. 3), and San Antonio (No. 11) finished near the top of Pest Gnome’s rankings of metro areas with high demand for pest control services and numerous training programs for new technicians. Residents of Jacksonville, Florida (No. 1), buzzed up the largest demand, evidenced by local Google searches looking for pest control providers.

Houston ranked 184th for the average hourly wage for pest control workers. It ranked significantly better in the number of statewide pest control training programs verses other cities, coming in at 41st. In terms of state preemption laws for pest treatments, Houston was placed 65th, while it ranked 97th for the number of pest control workers per 10,000 households.

The Stats:

No. 2: Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land, Texas

Overall Score: 69.79

Average Monthly Google Searches for Local Pest Control: 5,800 | Rank: 2

Number of Common Pest Species: 18 | Rank: 121

Average Hourly Wage for Pest Control Workers: $17.86 | Rank: 184

Number of Statewide Pest Control Training Programs: 21 | Rank: 41 (tie)

Cost of Pest Control Business License: $300 | Rank: 182 (tie)

Ultimately, the high demand for pest control services in and around the greater Houston area presents a promising opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to launch a pest control business. Pests are everywhere, no matter how clean a city is, and because pests will always be a problem, pest management is essentially a recession-proof industry. Now how’s that for a buzzworthy business?

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